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Wealth-Building 101 Video Course Posted!

We have released our Wealth-Building 101 course, free to viewers for a limited time, on our website. Click to view the course now.


Developed specifically for professional drivers in the trucking industry through a partnership with, we want to share this course with you too! The course teaches the fundamental knowledge and tools of building personal wealth, no matter what financial investments you have, or what your personal situation is.


Access the video course for free here!



The Meta-Human Institute (MHI) was founded on the principle that getting an education in the skills that make life superb and fulfilling --effective communication, relationships, leadership, wealth-building, and decision making -- should not be an accident, but a deliberate, integrated curriculum provided to students everywhere.


The MHI curriculum is a fun, experiential program that enriches young lives and adult careers. It is a powerful complement to traditional education in the high school and college settings. It can be used in corporate training to maximize employee productivity and effectiveness. And it is a highly valuable resource to working professionals and to parents.


MHI's full curriculum focuses on six areas of personal and interpersonal development:


  • Physical Well-Being

  • Mental Fitness and Emotional Intelligence

  • Interpersonal Communication and Relationships

  • Wealth-Building

  • Career and Entrepreneurship

  • Leadership


Click here to learn more about our unique and powerful curriculum.


MHI is looking for partners to help make this powerful and enriching program available to students, employees, clients and volunteers. If you are interested in leveraging our curriculum, or just want to learn more, please contact us at

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