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Curriculum Overview


The following is a high-level overview of our unique, proprietary curriculum.


Imagine your students or children starting out their lives and careers with these skills. Imagine your employees bringing these resources and capabilities to your workplace and to your clients.


  • Physical Well-Being

    • Sleep and Nutrition

    • Exercise and Movement

    • Body Awareness

    • Health and Longevity

  • Mental and Emotional Fitness

    • Study Skills (for school/college students)

    • Organizational Skills

    • Time Management and Productivity

    • Decision Making

    • Problem-Solving

    • Emotional Intelligence

  • Interpersonal Communication and Relationships

    • Writing and Research

    • Public Speaking

    • Negotiation

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Relationship Skills

    • Interpersonal Etiquette

  • Wealth-Building

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    • Understanding and Growing Your Net Worth

    • Financial Goal-Setting and Attainment

    • Budgets and Cash Flow for Growth

    • Investment Vehicles

    • Philanthropy

  • Career

    • Entrepreneurship

    • Image and Branding

    • Business Planning and Development

    • Organizational Growth

    • Marketing, Sales and Logistics

    • Contracts and Business Deals

    • Organizational Health

    • Networking and Mentorship

  • Leadership

    • Leadership Styles and Personality Types

    • Team-Building

    • Leading Through Change

    • Strategy

    • Innovation

While the above list summarizes the entire MHI program, it can be customized for your particular needs.


For more information on how to bring these materials to your school or organization, please contact us at

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