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MHI Founder's Welcome

Hello there! I'm Judd Miller, Founder and Director of the Meta-Human Institute (MHI), and author of the book DECIDE! 6 Steps to Great Decisions. I'm so glad you're here. 


MHI was created to fill a critical gap in the education of young adults: Namely, MHI trains people in the knowledge and skills that make life, career, and relationships fulfilling. 

Like many others, in my 20s I was struggling with money, struggling with my relationships, and struggling in my career. I knew I had potential, but I didn't know how to fulfill it. The world seemed complicated and confusing. 


One particular night, I stood in the self-help section of the local bookstore, surrounded by an amazing array of knowledge. The bookshelves contained what seemed to be the entire collection of answers that I needed to make my whole life work the way I dreamed it would. As I gazed at rows and rows of books on relationships, personal finance, communication and leadership, it struck me that as much as I appreciated my traditional, school-based education, this was the education that I really needed to be successful in life....And the one that the schools weren't designed to give me.


And in that moment, my life's purpose was born: I decided that there needed to be a school that taught this curriculum. After all, we as a society know how to have fulfilling relationships, how to communicate effectively, how to make good decisions, how to collaborate with and lead others, and how to create lifelong financial abundance. These are not mysteries. And yet who actually taught us all those skills, in a systematic, integrated way that set us up for a lifetime of success? If you're like me, no one did. We had to piece together a patchwork of conflicting advice from family members, teachers, coaches, and -- let's admit it -- television shows. We had to figure it all out through a process of trial and error. And even then, many of us intelligent humans are still trying to find our true purpose, our sense of ease and fulfillment and connection in the world. 


Some may say that this type of challenge is the spice of life...that this journey of discovery is what it's all about. I say, let's start our adult lives without these unnecessary handicaps, and be equipped to tackle bigger challenges for humanity together.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and to learn a bit more about us. We are passionate about our mission, and I hope you'll join us in making this valuable, life-enriching education available to all.


To your lifelong happiness and success,

Judd Miller
​Founder & Director

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