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Wealth-Building 101

Thank you for participating in MHI's Wealth-Building 101 course.


This course gives you a solid foundation in how to manage and direct the flow of money in your personal life to create an upward spiral of financial wellness and prosperity.


We've spent hundreds of hours consulting experts, studying the literature, and testing a variety of wealth-building strategies in the real world. We've taken everything we've learned, and boiled it down to 3 basic elements that are fundamental and proven. When you understand these 3 elements, you will know how to control your money to consistently increase your net worth for the rest of your life.


We invite you to dive right into the entire video program below. The course is FREE for a limited time.


If you have comments, feedback, or questions on the course, or want to be notified as as more content becomes available, please email us at We'd love to hear from you!

Cash Flow Statement - Template



Cash Flow Statement - Template



Step #1...of the 3 Steps to Wealth

Step #2...of the 3 Steps to Wealth

Step #3...of the 3 Steps to Wealth

Thank You!


Thank you for participating in the Wealth-Building 101 Course, produced by The Meta-Human Institute. We hope you enjoyed it, and are inspired to use these tools and principles to take control of your finances, and create a lifetime of wealth for yourself and those you care about.


Remember, if you have any questions or comments about the course, or want to be notified when more course content becomes available, email us at


Here's to your lifelong success!

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