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Our Partners and Customers


MHI's curricula and programs are designed for a range of students and strategic partners, including high schools, colleges, and youth centers, as well as for direct delivery to individuals who want to fulfill their greatest human potential.


Educational Organizations/Institutions

  • High Schools, Colleges and Universities - Enhancements to traditional curriculum, Summer camps, Leadership Programs, Courses for Advanced/Honors Students, Study Skills Development

  • Youth Centers - Leadership, character-building, and skill development programs

  • Community adult education programs 

  • Corporate Training for enhanced productivity and effectiveness


  • A la carte curriculum resources for middle/high school teachers and college/university professors

  • Direct, online learning for working professionals, parents, and others who want to develop their personal and professional excellence

  • Education and skills development training for military Service members transitioning back to civilian life


We are looking for partners in the educational and professional environments to deliver this unique curriculum to their students, employees, volunteers, and clients. For more information on leveraging this curriculum for your organization, please contact us at

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