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Judd Miller with his custom-built 2014 Ford Mustang. Now that was a good decision!

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About The Author

Judd Miller has more than 20 years of professional experience in the commercial, nonprofit, and government sectors. Judd's broad experience includes public affairs, association management, information technology, project management, organizational management, process improvement, and leadership. 


Judd has been published in USA Today and various trade publications, and is a Certified NLP Practitioner. He has created and taught local seminars on wealth-building, and serves as a volunteer member and former National Staff officer in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. He is also a former volunteer firefighter.


Judd lives with his family in California.

About The Author


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I have spent most of my life studying the art of personal excellence in a variety of arenas, from communication and leadership, to organizational skills and personal finances. And while I've been keen to understand success in all its earthly forms, I've also been drawn to study the heights of spirituality as well, which means developing that deep connection and alignment with the divine impulse that is within each of us to serve, experience, laugh, grow, and celebrate. I think the two -- success on the material and spiritual planes -- go hand-in-hand.


For more than 20 years I have worked in a variety of fields, building a diverse resume in the commercial, nonprofit, and government sectors.


I've written for trade journals and newspapers, as a public relations specialist for the nonprofit and trade association industry.


I've been a web designer and application developer, designing databases and writing code for Internet startups, defense contractors, and the federal government.


I've managed a variety of IT professionals and projects, and led working groups focused on improving organizational health and collaboration. I conducted a process improvement initiative for the United States Coast Guard, and briefly served as a national staff officer for the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, of which I am a continuing member.


My personal life has just as much variety. Years ago I was a volunteer firefighter in Manassas, VA. I have flown an airplane, published a book on decision making, written several first draft novels, and I created and taught local seminars on wealth-building. I am a long-time meditator and a certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a practice that enables you to essentially take control of the way your brain operates, so that you can model and replicate success in virtually any area of life. (Powerful stuff!)


What drives me is the desire to experience -- and to master -- this wonderful moment we each have called Life, and to share with others what I've studied and learned over the years, so that we are all empowered to live to our full potential.


Ultimately, my life's work is to create a comprehensive, integrated curriculum of performance and life skills for working professionals and -- more importantly -- for young adults.  (That effort is already under way; check out for more on that.)


In the meantime, I'll be sharing what I've learned about powerful and effective decision making, through my book, DECIDE! - 6 Steps to Great Decisions, as well as through blogs, articles, and online training. My purpose is to help people eliminate the fear, stress and overwhelm they may feel when it comes to making important or complex personal decisions -- through a simple, 6-step process -- and to teach others how to use decision making as a powerful, proactive tool for creating and living life by design


I would love to continue this journey with you, so I invite you to subscribe in the box on this page. I'll be periodically sending out new information, helpful links, and resources, all of which are designed to enlighten and empower you. I look forward to hearing from you!


To your lifelong joy and well-being,


Judd Miller

Monterey, CA

All Content © 2015 Judd Miller

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