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Books by Judd Miller

DECIDE! Book Cover - Click to Buy the Book
DECIDE! - 6 Steps to Great Decisions


Make every decision with confidence and clarity.


The ability to plan, make decisions, and take focused action is a remarkable power, because it is how we exercise our free will to create a fulfilling life for ourselves. 


All of us can recall decision points in our life when we made a good choice, and our life changed for the better. But many of us struggle with making decisions, especially when they are complicated, or when the stakes feel high. And some of us just want to make better decisions on a more consistent basis. 

  • Do you worry about making the wrong choices in life? 

  • Do you get overwhelmed with too many choices, or too much information? 

  • Do you wonder if now is a good time to start a business? Invest in the stock market? Buy or sell a house? 

  • Do you wish you had a crystal ball that would tell you clearly which path to take? 


DECIDE! - 6 Steps To Great Decisions is not a crystal ball, but it will give you a simple process for approaching every important decision in a systematic way that eliminates fear and worry, boosts your self confidence, and reliably creates the outcomes you seek. 


By following the 6 Steps of the DECIDE! process, you will: 


  • Know clearly what you want out of the situation, and how to get it; 

  • Consistently generate creative, high-reward options; 

  • Cure analysis paralysis by "knowing what you need to know" to move forward; 

  • Make decisions that feel right to your head and your heart; 

  • Be more decisive, because you are clear on what you want and how to get it. 


Decision making and problem solving are easy when you have a simple and effective process to consistently make better decisions. 


Whether you are contemplating a career change, a major purchase, where to go to college, or where to take a new relationship, this book will help you make every important decision with confidence and clarity.

Recent Reviews

"I wish I had learned this method thirty years ago!"

"My husband and I have been working on the steps of this process while considering some career and family choices, and it's really helped us to clarify our conversation, our wants, and thus our focus."

"Excellent Read! I was able to share it with my teenagers who have adopted the approach in making sound decisions during challenging times.

I highly recommend."

"Great tool! I'm looking forward to using this book with clients as well as personally."

"This book takes difficult decision making, breaks it completely down, and guides you through an extremely simple step-by-step process using concrete real-life like scenarios to show you just how the process worked for others. Buy this book and READ it, it will be the best money you have ever spent."

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